RapidWeaver FAQ - Widgets


What is a Widget? How do they work? Where do I find Widgets?

Chapter 1: What is a Widget?
Chapter 2: How do they work?
Chapter 3: How do I add a Widget?
Chapter 4: Where can I find Widgets (Sources)?

Chapter 1: What is a Widget?

A web widget is a portable chunk (a snippet) of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML-based web page by an end user without requiring additional compilation. They are derived from the idea of code reuse thus the idea of creating something new using something that already exists.

Chapter 2: How do they work?

You usually insert a piece of code into your pages that retrieves informations from a third party supplier.

Chapter 3: How do I add a Widget?

Let's have an example...

If you would like to add the Light Bulb Jokes widget to your page you would visit
the appropriate page on the World Wide Web.

1. Click on "Get Widget" and you will see a popup window where you can get the HTML code
2. Copy the code
3. Paste the code in the page or post where you want the widget to appear
4. Once you added the code to RapidWeaver select it and go to "Format", "HTML" choose "Code".
5. You’re done. You will now see the widget appearing in Preview mode.

It's really easy to integrate widgets into RapidWeaver and it's like "embedding a whole new world" into RW. They are really useful. No matter what you use to get/build the widget you will somewhere find the code to paste into the page.

Chapter 4: Where can I find Widgets (Sources)?

There are different widgets sources on the web. Here you will find some of them. If you know more please let me know by posting on my forum.


Bravenet free widgets and Bravenet free webtools


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