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How do I edit one website from two computers?

To edit one website from two different computers you have to transfer the file where RapidWeaver stores its files. To find it search with Spotlight for “rwsw” (since the extension of the file is .rwsw). To know where it is located click the result while hitting Command(Apple).

To get the site showing up in RapidWeaver you just have to open the file by double clicking on it. Note that the location where the file is placed to doesn’t matter.

To transfer your .rwsw file from one Mac to the other you can put it on a USB-Stick, on a CD/DVD or if you can do that by establishing a network and have the two computers communicating to each other. If you use MobileMe you can put it on your iDisk but the MobileMe servers are slow so it’s not a good idea if you have a huge .rwsw file. Another not a great idea if you have a large file is to send it by e-mail.

If you edited your website on computer A and want to edit it on computer B transfer the file from A to B as mentioned before. If you now want to edit your site on computer A, after you edited it on computer B, you will have to retransfer the file from B to A.
Caution: Make sure not to overwrite the newer with the older file!

As Richard noted on my
Forum in addition to syncing the .rwsw site file, if you have placed any custom images into the header of your theme then you will also have to sync the theme file. If you do not do so then the header image will revert back to the stock header image as soon as you preview the site from the second computer. A quick way to locate the theme file for syncing is to open the theme drawer and control click on the theme in question, selecting "Reveal in Finder". Then you can send the file to the 2nd computer or use a syncing utility. Of course the same applies if you're using any 3rd party themes: they have to be on both computers. (Thanks Richard!)

Note 1: Note that you have to change permissions of the file to be able to edit, save changes and publish a website from another user account and from another computer as well.
Select the file press Command(Apple)+i under Ownership & Permissions go to =>Details =>Everyone (or Others) and select Read & Write
You have to do that in the original user account and computer in which the file was created.
If your computer goes nuts and you didn’t change permissions you could find an error while publishing and saving.

You better make a backup of the file mentioned above from time to time,
how do I make a backup?

Using a USB Stick

If you put the .rwsw file on a USB-Stick (USB flash drive) all you have to do is plug the usb stick in one of the computers and double click the file on the USB flash drive (without moving it to the computer!). It will open in RapidWeaver and save changes to the USB stick, plug it into the second computer and same thing. You could publish a site from both the computers without missing data and without fearing of overwriting the older with the newer file.

Same for the theme files.

Using DropBox

If you like techy stuff you can also use DropBox to edit your site from multiple computers.

DropBox adds a folder on your computer and everything you put into this folder is instantly uploaded to DropBox's servers as a backup. This can also be used to synchronize some data between multiple computers. As soon as you update a file in the folder the copy on the server is updated too. If you have two computers (or more) and use DropBox on both computers as soon as DropBox sees that there's a newer file on the server because you edited it from the other computer it downloads the newer file to your current computer for you to always have the newest version of it (cloud).

1. Go to
www.dropbox.com and make an account (2GB of storage are free)
2. Go to the bottom of the page and hit Install to download the DropBox application
3. Open the application and enter your login data. Under Choose setup type I did choose Advanced for me to choose where the DropBox folder is placed (I did choose to have it on my Desktop)
"I want this computer to sync all of the folders in my Dropbox"

As an aside note it is especially worth mentioning that by ctrl+clicking on a folder inside the DropBox folder you can choose to Dropbox=>Share This Folder... with friends and family or colleagues. And you can also access any file through
www.dropbox.com and download it in case you need to do so.

4. That's it. Put anything you want to sync between your computers into the Dropbox folder. In case of RapidWeaver put the site's .rwsw file inside the Dropbox folder for it to sync between your computers. Same for the theme files.
5. If you install Dropbox on another computer and have it logging in with your account Dropbox will automatically first sync the Dropbox folder on the current computer for you to have the latest documents on the current computer and for it to look like the folder on the other computer.
6. If you want to share a website with a friend or colleague login to
http://dropbox.com, on the left-hand side click on Sharing, New shared folder, add a new folder, define with whom you want to share it, then drop the .rwsw project file in it. Both of you will then always have the newest project-version on your computers and can both work on the website.

Caution 1: Your computer has to have an internet connection for DropBox to update the files
Caution 2: If multiple people manage the same site from different computers at the same time this can cause problems (like your changes being applied while the other people's changes not or vice versa or corrupting the .rwsw file). As long as you don't work exactly at the same time on it (hence as long as you work on it one after the other) there will be no problems.

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