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How do I transfer my website made with RapidWeaver from one computer to another?

The only way to move RapidWeaver pages from one computer to another is to move the .rwsw file where RapidWeaver stores its files. To find it search with Spotlight for “rwsw”. To know where it is located click the result while hitting Command(Apple).

To get the site showing up in RapidWeaver you just have to open the file by double clicking on it. Note that the location where the file is placed to doesn’t matter.

To transfer your .rwsw file from one Mac to the other you can put it on a USB-Stick, on a CD/DVD or if you can do that by establishing a network and have the two computers communicating to each other. If you use MobileMe you can put it on your iDisk but the MobileMe servers are slow so it’s not a good idea if you have a huge .rwsw file. Another not a great idea if you have a large file is to send it by e-mail.

If you use any 3rd party theme or if you use any customized theme also transfer the files of the theme you're using. A quick way to locate the theme files is to open the theme drawer and control click on the theme in question, selecting "Reveal in Finder".

You better make a backup of the file mentioned above from time to time,
how do I make a backup?

Note 1: Note that you have to change permissions of the file to be able to edit, save changes and publish a website from another user account and from another computer as well.
Select the file press Command(Apple)+i under Ownership & Permissions go to =>Details =>Everyone (or Others) and select Read & Write
You have to do that in the original user account and computer in which the file was created.
If your computer goes nuts and you didn’t change permissions you could find an error while publishing and saving.

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