RapidWeaver FAQ - Statcounter and Google Analytics


Is there a way of tracking visitors activity? How can I know how many visitors my website has? Where they come from and which pages they’re looking at? What about Statcounter and Google Analytics?

Chapter 1: What are the differences? Which one is the best? Why are they useful?
Chapter 2: Statcounter
Chapter 3: Google Analytics
Chapter 4: Installing Statcounter and Google Analytics in RapidWeaver

Chapter 1: What are the differences? Which one is the best? Why are they useful?

The answer to the question which is the best is: both. The two services deliver a lot of different datas which makes it useful to have them both.

Here a few specifications:
- Statcounter delivers you real-time statistics (Google Analytics has one day delay)
- In Statcounter you can follow the paths a visitor follows page by page
- Statcounter shows you which pages are the most visited ones
- Statcounter shows you where they came from. You are also shown what they searched for on Google. If you see that they searched for something you don’t have on your website add it!
- In Google Analytics it’s easier to compare certain periods of time (current month with previous, …)
- Google Analytics has a great visitors world-map
- Google Analytics delivers you data on which keywords your website performs best or worse
and more…

All this data is really important since it shows you what the visitors are interested in, where you need to work further, … Use this data, analyze it and improve your website.

Chapter 2: Statcounter

1. Visit
Statcounter.com and register for an account
2. Once you’re logged in hit “Add new project” and fill out the required fields
3. At the end of the process hit “Default installation guide”
4. You will get a code which you need to keep in a safe place and which we will be using in Chapter 4 of this FAQ

Chapter 3: Google Analytics

1. Go to
Google Analytics and sign up for an account
2. If you don’t have a Google Analytics account yet once you’re logged in go under “My Analytics Accounts” and choose “Create your account” from the drop down menu
3. Once you’re in an account hit “Add Website Profile” at the bottom of the page
4. Enter your URL in the appropriate field and hit “Finish”
5. You will be shown a code under
“Use this tracking code to gain access to a wide range of exciting new features as they become available”
6. Copy and keep this code in a safe place. We will need it in Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Installing Statcounter and Google Analytics in RapidWeaver

Go to the left sidebar of RapidWeaver and scroll down. You will find the word "Stats", go to Configure and paste the code you got from Statcounter and/or Google Analytics in the “Google Analytics” box.

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