RapidWeaver FAQ - SimpleViewer galleries


How can I add a SimpleViewer gallery to my website?

Sample galleries:
SimpleViewer, TiltViewer, AutoViewer, PostcardViewer.

1. Go to
simpleviewer.net and hit the Download button near the gallery you'd like to use (see the examples you find on the page). Personally I wouldn't pay 45$ for each of them and would use the free version instead.

Pasted Graphic

2. The application is really easy to use. Once you downloaded, installed and opened it you will be guided through the process of creating the gallery step by step. Hit "New Gallery...", drag&drop the photos you want to use in the gallery into the appropriate area and define the size of the images. You can drag&drop the images directly from iPhoto if you want.
3. Once you added the images you can reorganize them by drag&drop. You can specify a URL the photos should should link to and a target. By default the images in the presentation link to the full sized images opening in a new window. You can also
decide to not use the images as links by leaving the URL field empty. Type a caption if you want.


4. Click on Customize at the top of the window to customize the look of the presentation. Especially for what concerns the width of the frame
5. Hit Publish at the top of the window. Choose the location where you would like to publish to. To make it easier add a new folder on your Desktop, name it SimpleViewer1 and choose to publish the gallery into this folder and hit Save. Take the SimpleViewer1 folder and upload it to the root of your website (
What is the root of a server/website?)
6. Embed the gallery into your page using an iFrame. Adapt width and height to fit your needs.

<iframe src="http://yourdomain.com/SimpleViewer1/index.html"
style="width:670px; height:580px;
scrolling="auto" >

7. Once you added the code to your site select it, choose Format, HTML and Code.

If you want to have multiple galleries just change SimpleViewer1 to SimpleViewer2, SimpleViewer3, ...

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