RapidWeaver FAQ - Mixed contents slideshow


How can I have a slideshow with photos, text, a mix between photos and text all in one?

People often want to have an
Auto Fading photos slideshow but instead of having just photos fading in and out they also want to have some text with links in it or anything. That's what the Mixed contents slideshow can be used for. Here's an example presenting my home town...

Basel's town is split into two parts by the Rhein, with 1.233km Europe's longest river. The two parts are called Grossbasel and Kleinbasel.

The Mittlere Bruecke (Middle Bridge) is the oldest still available bridge crossing the Rhein. It was originally built in 1225 completely in wood. In the end of the 19th century it's been replaced with a newer bridge to allow the tram to cross the river. Works were completed by 1905. Length: 192 meters. Material: Granite.

View from Grossbasel towards Kleinbasel.

In the background the Messeturm. It has 32 floors and is 105 m tall. Switzerland's second highest building. A bar called "Bar Rouge" ("red bar") can be found on the top floor. On the horizon the beginning of the Black Forest.

View from Kleinbasel towards Grossbasel. In 1356 Basel was almost completely distroyed in a big earthquake.

The Gate of Spalen (in German Spalentor) is a former city gate in the ancient city walls of Basel which were built after the earthquake of 1356. One of the three remaining gateways, it is regarded as one of the most beautiful gates of Switzerland. The gate is a landmark of Basel and a heritage site of national significance.

Basel, Switzerland

Population: 169,536
Elevation: 260 m

Come and visit this beautiful and open-minded town at the border to France and Germany!


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