RapidWeaver FAQ - Migrating from iWeb to RapidWeaver


I'm switching from iWeb to RapidWeaver. What's the best way to do that? Can I import my iWeb website into RapidWeaver?

Let's start by saying that there's no way to import an iWeb website into RapidWeaver. Just as iWeb, RapidWeaver can't import published .html files.

This means that you have to rebuild your website from scratch. Of course for the text on your website you can do copy & paste. For images you can use drag & drop.

If you added any codes to your pages in iWeb, either by using HTML Snippets or Alternative HTML, in RapidWeaver add them to the page itself. Then select the code, go to Format, HTML and choose Code. Codes should work without the need to make changes to them.

Rebuilding the site may seem to be a hassle and a pain. It isn't. It's a chance. The chance to clean it up from useless information, the chance to improve your content and the chance to better organize your website. Take it!

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