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How can I add something similar to LightBox to my RapidWeaver created website? What about Highslide?


I once used to use LightBox but I experienced some problems and incompatibilities. So I had a look around and saw that there are many other scripts like LightBox (FancyBox, FancyZoom, ...). LightBox is the most known one but that doesn’t always mean best. I found something that’s even better and easier to use: Highslide JS. Also look at at Shadowbox.

If you don’t know what LightBox and Highslide are have a look at the Examples you find at the top of the pages of this FAQ.

Before looking at the examples and the how-tos there’s an important note:
If you want to use Highslide for a personal website, a school site, your family's photo album or a non-profit organisation you don't need the author's permission, just go on and use Highslide. It’s free.
If you want to use Highslide for a commercial website, you need to get the author's permission by filling in the domain name in the "Buy now" page on the highslide.com website and paying the fee of 29$ for a single site or 179$ for unlimited sites.

Now here are the tutorials

Highslide JS Intro
Page 1: Highslide JS iFrame
Page 2: Highslide JS Photo (like Lightbox but better!)
Page 3: Highslide JS PhotoGallery (like Lightbox but better!)
Page 4: Highslide JS PhotoGallery with Thumbstrip
Page 5: Highslide JS Flash

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