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How can I add a Guestbook to my RapidWeaver created website?

There is no Guestbook in RapidWeaver as you will notice...

...but here is what you would do:

Searching on google you will find a lot of Guestbook services.

Choose a service you like and embed the Guestbook into RapidWeaver using an iFrame.

Simply paste the following code to a page:

<iframe src="guestbook url"
style="width:550px; height:800px;
scrolling="yes" >

And change the following parameters:
- Guestbook url: will be provided by the guestbook service you choose
- Width and height of the iFrame displaying your guestbook (hence of the Guestbook itself).

Once you added the code to RapidWeaver select it and go to "Format", "HTML" choose "Code".

You could also use RapidWeaver’s iFrame page if you want. Add => iFrame => Page Info => Page and enter the url of the Guestbook and the size (in pixels or percentage).

A good and free Guestbook service provider is:

Once you signed up to UltraGuest go to Account=>Link Code and you will find a code like this:

<!-- UltraGuest HTML Code Start -->
[ <a href="http://www.ultraguest.com/view/....................">View Guestbook</a>
[ <a href="http://www.ultraguest.com/sign/...................">Sign Guestbook</a> ]
<br><a href="http://www.ultraguest.com"><font size="1">Free Guestbook by UltraGuest.com</font></a>
<!-- UltraGuest HTML Code End -->

(In the code you will find numbers instead of the dots)

The URL you need to put into the iFrame is the View Guestbook one, hence:


Example: the
RapidWeaverFAQ.org - Guestbook

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