RapidWeaver FAQ - Forms


How can I add Forms or Contact Forms to RapidWeaver?

Chapter 1: Using third party services
Chapter 2: On PHP enabled servers

Chapter 1: Using third party services

Have a look at these services of which people report they are great for creating your own forms or widgets. I used Wufoo myself it works really great!

Wufoo.com (Wufoo Form Gallery)




Once you built the form you get an HTML Code which you simply paste on your page where you want the Form to display.

Once you added the code to RapidWeaver select it and go to "Format", "HTML" choose "Code". Publish the page and you’re done.

Chapter 2: On PHP enabled servers

On PHP enabled servers you can use RapidWeaver’s integrated Contact Form to build your form.

Go to Add, Contact Form, Choose and you will find a basic form (Name, E-Mail, Subject, Message). On the left side enter the name of the field and on the right side enter the type of field (Text Field, Text Area, Check Box, Popup Menu, Radio Buttons, Attachment).

When adding a Popup Menu and Radio Buttons you have to enter the choices people can choose from under Option Name at the very bottom of the RapidWeaver window.

On the right side set whether the field is required or optional (in that case uncheck the required box).

Under Page Info, Page, General you can set the e-mail address the form will be sent to, which field to use for the name, e-mail and the subject. You shouldn’t need to edit Advanced for the form to work.

Under Page Info, Page, Customizable Text you can customize the text which will display in the Header, the Footer and once the e-mail was sent.

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