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Many websites have little images before the http, like apple has the apple logo. How do you put one of these icons into your own website so you don't only have the blue dot?

Those little icons are called favicons. Those little icons are called favicons. Usually a .ico or .png image with a size of 16x16px or 32x32px.

How do I add a Favicon to my website?

Usually it is enough to put the favicon.ico file into the root (most top location) of your server using your FTP application. That is without needing any code to be added to your html files.
If you placed it to the right location entering yourdomain.com/favicon.ico into your browser would bring up the favicon in it. This doesn’t work for MobileMe.

If that doesn’t work in RapidWeaver click on Setup and Drag&Drop you Favicon to the appropriate field under General.

Note: If you're using photoshop for creating the 16x16 pixel image
download this and add the unzipped file to the "File Format" folders. Search for them with spotlight. You then will be able to save your .ico image directly from photoshop.

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