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How can I have an empty page? How can I have a totally blank page with no theme or template on it? I would like to start with a page with just nothing on it! No styles, nothing!

A lot of people seem to want a blank page. I was one of them. Pretty hard to find in RapidWeaver!

Chapter 1: Using a theme
Chapter 2: Building a page with codes
Chapter 3: How to build the page with codes

Chapter 1: Using a theme

The first way I found was using a theme. "I didn't want a theme!". The theme is called No Theme and is made by
multithemes.com and it's free. Just download the theme, double-click it to install it, close RapidWeaver, reopen it and you will see No Themes appearing in your themes.

By going to Page Info, Page you will see that this theme is highly customizable and very basic from its design.

However it's still a theme and still displays the header, the sidebar, the footer and so on which of course can be hidden with some CSS code

#pageHeader, #footer {
   display: none;

(Page Info, Header, CSS)

but I didn't like the idea of using a theme to have no theme. Sounds like taking the car to not take the car to go to work.

Chapter 2: Building a page with codes

By going to File, Add Page... you will find something called HTML Code which can be used to post any HTML code in it. However going to Preview you will find that by default this also applies the theme to it. It took me a long time to find out that by going to Page Info, Page you can uncheck the "Apply theme" box.

This gave me all I asked for: a totally blank page! Yeah!

Of course this means that you have to use HTML codes to build the structure of the page and to add the content.

Chapter 3: How to build the page using codes

On the
Coding your own page page of my WebsiteFAQ.org website and in my RapidWeaverFAQ.org E-Book (sample) I tried to explain the basics on giving your page the look and structure you want and on how to add your content to it.

What I used it for is to create a "mini website" to display in a popup. People can choose a music playlist and keep the popup window behind the window displaying the website to keep the music going while browsing the website.
Click here to see the example.

Of course one could also use it to display something else or actually build the website with it (kind of making your own theme). I think it's easier than some may think it is but of course that's my personal opinion.

This FAQ is also discussed in my RapidWeaverFAQ.org E-Book (sample)

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