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How can I add a calendar to my RapidWeaver website?

Adding a calendar to your site so that everybody could see your upcoming appointments is quite easy:

You can embed a calendar into a RapidWeaver page using an iFrame or simply link it by using a textlink or imagelink. Here you will find how to embed it into a page...

Chapter 1: Using iCal with PHP iCalendar
Chapter 2: Using Google calendar
Chapter 3: Using Google calendar with iCal (with or without an iOS Device) (Best solution!)

Chapter 1: Using iCal with PHP iCalendar

It’s possible to use iCal calendars with PHP iCalendar.

1. Go to
http://phpicalendar.net/ and “Jump to: Download”
2. Download and uncompress the file and you will find a folder called “phpicalendar”
3. Delete the sample calendars from the “calendars” folder (.ics extension)
4. Upload the phpicalendar folder to the root of your server (
What is the root of a server/website?)
5. Open iCal and select the Calendar you want to publish from Calendars
6. Go to File, Export, Export... Once you exported the calendar upload it in the calendars folder you find in the phpicalendar folder on your server. You have to repeat this procedure every time you add a new appointment.

Alternatively you could also select the calendar, go to Calendar, Publish... Publish on: A private server
Base URL: ftp://ftp.yourftpdomain.com/phpicalendar/calendars
Login: Your FTP Username
Password: Your FTP password
choose Publish changes automatically then hit Publish. This keeps you from manually publishing and uploading the calendar each time you add an event.

7. Open your Browser (Safari) and enter


In the legend you will see your calendar appearing.

You can now simply link it from your website, make a redirect to it or embed it into your website using an

Chapter 2: Using Google calendar

You find a general introduction on how to use Google Calendar in my RapidWeaverFAQ.org E-Book (sample)

Chapter 3: Using Google calendar with iCal (with or without an iOS Device) (Best solution!)

How this is done is described in my RapidWeaverFAQ.org E-Book (sample)

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